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beautiful 12 year old little girl, who on May 9, 2007 was diagnosed with a benign Ganglioglioma Brain stem Tumor.

The tumor was removed on May11, 2007. Although the resection was successful, the damage the tumor caused to Sydney's brain was extensive. She remained in the hospital for ninety one days. She underwent extreme physical, occupational, and speech therapy at Scottish Rite in Atlanta Georgia.

Since returning home she receives therapy three days a week. She has regained the use of her left side, and is now able to walk with little assistance. Sydney has made great progress, but still has several life threatening disabilities to overcome. Her vocal cords are paralyzed and she is unable to swallow.

Everyday, for thirteen hours, she is connected to a feeding pump. She cannot breathe on her own when she sleeps and is therefore ventilator dependent. A tracheotomy was performed and she is at high risk for pneumonia.

Sydney is home bound from school and requires a registered nurse for twelve hours a day. This is one remarkable girl!

Through all she has and still endures, she remains faithful that she will someday be "normal" again. Thank you for your prayers, concerns and support.

For Sydney’s Sake is a benefit concert event, brought to you by The Security Blanket Project, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization

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